Monday, July 7, 2008

Our California Trip

Our Vacation to Carlsbad, California was our best vacation ever! We packed our car with so much (too much) stuff and headed to California on June 14.  The kids couldn't wait to get there.  We drove 6 hours and finally got to our condo on the beach....or so we thought.  The resort was actually quite a walk to the beach, BUT it was a really nice place.  With a great pool and jacuzzi!!

Just about everyday we went to the beach.  The kids built sandcastles and boogie-boarded.  We built a bonfire one night, roasted marshmallows, and watched the sunset.  We soaked in the rays and enjoyed our time a family.  

Our little addition, Logan, was the best baby EVER!  He was a complete joy to us and we thanked God for blessing us with him everyday.  I don't think he cried the entire, really!  He just laughed, cooed, talked, and played with his toy balls.  

The moments i enjoyed most on this vacation: I enjoyed watching my son Matthew run around on the beach without a care in the world.  He would scream, "this is awesome, this is awesome!" the entire time he was jumping in the waves.  I enjoyed finding sand dollars with Katy as the sun set on Coronado Beach.  (We actually found 2 sand dollars together).  I enjoyed getting into Christian's world (having Starbucks time with him) and laughing about funny people together.....i'll trade you a canoe for a vintage pistol....(inside joke).  I enjoyed watching the wonders of Logan.  It's like you wish you could jump into his mind and hear all that he's thinking.  I loved watching his expressions....especially when we gave him some Coke for the first time.  And mostly, i enjoyed time with my husband, Jason.  He is, by far, the best dad.  He played numerous hours on the beach with the kids - building castles, boogie boarding, baseball.... He makes me laugh, especially when he's just goofy.  He gave us an amazing vacation.

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