Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My funny little man

Funny little guy. That's what Logan is. He is 3 years old and he's got me giggling all day long. Whether he's playing with his trains or his pirates, talking to me ALL DAY LONG, asking for goldfishes, singing, riding his scooter all over my house, teasing his brother, hitting his brother, hugging his sister, or just being goofy, he is a gift from God to me.

In fact, I said to him just the other day, "Ya know, Logan, you're a gift from God to me!" He looked at me funny and said, "mom, i'm not a pruhesent (present)!"

The real reason i'm posting about him is to tell the funny story that happened. We have a small fish tank in our kitchen with 2 goldfish in it. I was picking up around the house and saw a glimmer of color in the fish tank. I stopped to look into the tank, and to my surprise, there were some crayons in it! I thought to myself, "hmmm, i wonder who put THOSE in THERE???" I went directly to the 3 year old! Here's how our conversation went:

me: Did you put crayons in the fish tank?
logan: yep
me: why?
logan: bcuz the fish wanted to color mom!!!

He makes me laugh and realize that life is so super short. I cherish each and every day and moment with all my kids. Because reality is, is that they ARE growing up and I want time to slow down.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Matt's in Baseball

Matthew is in baseball again this year and he's loving it!  He does so much better this year catching the ball and hitting.  He hit one the other night, it went past the centerfield guy, he ran to second base and shouted "OH YEAH! That's how ya do it!!"  We just crack up at him and his cute personality!!  

Spring is Here!

Spring is upon us and what a beautiful time of year!  Our Easter was so great.  Spending time with our families and hanging out. Our Easter weekend weather is just perfect each year and we couldn't ask for anything more.  All of the kids are growing and at this time of year i'm always reminded of the blessing that my children are to me.  Each one of them are maturing and beginning to really discover what they like and dislike.  They are beginning to face different challenges and being stretched to overcome different obstacles in their little lives:)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our First Ski Trip

In January we took a trip to Pinetop, AZ to celebrate Scot's 40th birthday with the Anderson family! We decided that it was a perfect time to try and teach the kids to snow ski!! YIKES!! It was quite an adventure!

First off, i thought that Jason and I were going to put them all in ski school to learn to ski. But then Jason convinced me that we could teach them. I guess cuz Jason and I used to ski....back in the day. So that's what we did! UGH! It was quite stressful - for us and the kids. Each one of them had times of crying and wanting to give up! But slowly each one got the hang of it and by the 2nd day they were going to the top of the mountains and skiing just perfectly. It was a really great time and we enjoyed learning something new with the kids. And hey, now we have another thing to go and do with the kids!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anderson Updates!!!!

OKAY!!!! It's been awhile....okay, a long while, since i've updated my blogspot!!! WELL there's many reasons why!!! I mean, i'm really busy...right?!?

WELL, actually i am! HA! Much has changed in our world (the Anderson world that is) in the last few months. Mainly the last 4 months for us. We sold our home in October (and actually made a profit) and bought a bankowned home just one mile away!! God has tremendously blessed us and we are having a great time making this house our home:)

All the kids are doing so great in school and thriving. We did not have to change schools so that was a great blessing too! We love our school!

Christian is in 6th grade this year and is the top of his class. And he's taken interest in the cello! I never thought one of my kids would play an instrument so large...haha. But, he's really good at it and was now just recently accepted in honors cello in the school district. So....he's good:)

Katy is just plain sweet and adorable. She is still dancing and also getting straight A's in school. She's in the variety show this week at her school, performing a tap routine to "This thing called Love", in front of the entire school! SCARY!! I would have never done that at her age!

Matthew LOVES school. Which to say that is a complete miracle in itself. He did not care for school in either kindergarten or 1st grade. But he has the best teacher this year and he is very fond of reading now. Goosebumps!!! That's all I hear about!

Logan, Logi, poopie pants, little guy, sweet baby, love chucks, giggle goo - okay, Logan is sooooooo cute. He's the family mascot!! All we do is just watch him and laugh. He makes life so great and fun. And he is truely the easiest child EVER! I kid you not, i never know when the kid wakes up from a nap or sleeping! I have a video monitor on him just to know when he wakes. He never crys!!

Jason and I are doing great too! 16 years of marriage this year!

WELP, i hope to keep posting more often!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Logan's First Bday!

Logan turned 1 this past week and we can't believe that a year has really passed by!  We celebrated by having all the cousins, grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts come over to the house.  Logan was, in all sense of the word.....very calm.  Actually i think he was thinking, "Why are all this people here?"  So you can tell by all the pictures....he looks so content and peaceful.  The next morning, when he realized he had a lot more new toys, he was so hyper and active!  

Logan ate his entire cupcake! He had to try out the frosting first a couple times, and then he went for it all and shoved it in his mouth.

He opened many presents and finished the night off with a bottle. He had a great time and we are so blessed to have a huge family to celebrate his birthday!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our California Trip

Our Vacation to Carlsbad, California was our best vacation ever! We packed our car with so much (too much) stuff and headed to California on June 14.  The kids couldn't wait to get there.  We drove 6 hours and finally got to our condo on the beach....or so we thought.  The resort was actually quite a walk to the beach, BUT it was a really nice place.  With a great pool and jacuzzi!!

Just about everyday we went to the beach.  The kids built sandcastles and boogie-boarded.  We built a bonfire one night, roasted marshmallows, and watched the sunset.  We soaked in the rays and enjoyed our time a family.  

Our little addition, Logan, was the best baby EVER!  He was a complete joy to us and we thanked God for blessing us with him everyday.  I don't think he cried the entire, really!  He just laughed, cooed, talked, and played with his toy balls.  

The moments i enjoyed most on this vacation: I enjoyed watching my son Matthew run around on the beach without a care in the world.  He would scream, "this is awesome, this is awesome!" the entire time he was jumping in the waves.  I enjoyed finding sand dollars with Katy as the sun set on Coronado Beach.  (We actually found 2 sand dollars together).  I enjoyed getting into Christian's world (having Starbucks time with him) and laughing about funny people together.....i'll trade you a canoe for a vintage pistol....(inside joke).  I enjoyed watching the wonders of Logan.  It's like you wish you could jump into his mind and hear all that he's thinking.  I loved watching his expressions....especially when we gave him some Coke for the first time.  And mostly, i enjoyed time with my husband, Jason.  He is, by far, the best dad.  He played numerous hours on the beach with the kids - building castles, boogie boarding, baseball.... He makes me laugh, especially when he's just goofy.  He gave us an amazing vacation.