Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My funny little man

Funny little guy. That's what Logan is. He is 3 years old and he's got me giggling all day long. Whether he's playing with his trains or his pirates, talking to me ALL DAY LONG, asking for goldfishes, singing, riding his scooter all over my house, teasing his brother, hitting his brother, hugging his sister, or just being goofy, he is a gift from God to me.

In fact, I said to him just the other day, "Ya know, Logan, you're a gift from God to me!" He looked at me funny and said, "mom, i'm not a pruhesent (present)!"

The real reason i'm posting about him is to tell the funny story that happened. We have a small fish tank in our kitchen with 2 goldfish in it. I was picking up around the house and saw a glimmer of color in the fish tank. I stopped to look into the tank, and to my surprise, there were some crayons in it! I thought to myself, "hmmm, i wonder who put THOSE in THERE???" I went directly to the 3 year old! Here's how our conversation went:

me: Did you put crayons in the fish tank?
logan: yep
me: why?
logan: bcuz the fish wanted to color mom!!!

He makes me laugh and realize that life is so super short. I cherish each and every day and moment with all my kids. Because reality is, is that they ARE growing up and I want time to slow down.

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OUR WILD ZOO! said...

Kelli I still remember when you told me you were pregnant with Logan! Look how time has flown by. These boys of ours are growing out of toddlerhood and into little men ;0) I love Logan's sense of humor and sweet spirit. I know he and Kyler will be good friends as they grow! You're a great mama, my friend. It always inspires me and makes me smile.