Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anderson Updates!!!!

OKAY!!!! It's been awhile....okay, a long while, since i've updated my blogspot!!! WELL there's many reasons why!!! I mean, i'm really busy...right?!?

WELL, actually i am! HA! Much has changed in our world (the Anderson world that is) in the last few months. Mainly the last 4 months for us. We sold our home in October (and actually made a profit) and bought a bankowned home just one mile away!! God has tremendously blessed us and we are having a great time making this house our home:)

All the kids are doing so great in school and thriving. We did not have to change schools so that was a great blessing too! We love our school!

Christian is in 6th grade this year and is the top of his class. And he's taken interest in the cello! I never thought one of my kids would play an instrument so large...haha. But, he's really good at it and was now just recently accepted in honors cello in the school district. So....he's good:)

Katy is just plain sweet and adorable. She is still dancing and also getting straight A's in school. She's in the variety show this week at her school, performing a tap routine to "This thing called Love", in front of the entire school! SCARY!! I would have never done that at her age!

Matthew LOVES school. Which to say that is a complete miracle in itself. He did not care for school in either kindergarten or 1st grade. But he has the best teacher this year and he is very fond of reading now. Goosebumps!!! That's all I hear about!

Logan, Logi, poopie pants, little guy, sweet baby, love chucks, giggle goo - okay, Logan is sooooooo cute. He's the family mascot!! All we do is just watch him and laugh. He makes life so great and fun. And he is truely the easiest child EVER! I kid you not, i never know when the kid wakes up from a nap or sleeping! I have a video monitor on him just to know when he wakes. He never crys!!

Jason and I are doing great too! 16 years of marriage this year!

WELP, i hope to keep posting more often!

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