Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our First Ski Trip

In January we took a trip to Pinetop, AZ to celebrate Scot's 40th birthday with the Anderson family! We decided that it was a perfect time to try and teach the kids to snow ski!! YIKES!! It was quite an adventure!

First off, i thought that Jason and I were going to put them all in ski school to learn to ski. But then Jason convinced me that we could teach them. I guess cuz Jason and I used to ski....back in the day. So that's what we did! UGH! It was quite stressful - for us and the kids. Each one of them had times of crying and wanting to give up! But slowly each one got the hang of it and by the 2nd day they were going to the top of the mountains and skiing just perfectly. It was a really great time and we enjoyed learning something new with the kids. And hey, now we have another thing to go and do with the kids!!

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